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Quique Fdez
Quique Fdez Software Development Engineer at Plain Concepts Game development with Reactjs and Web Technologies
Jamie Marie
Jamie Marie Co-Founder at Deity Software architectures gone Wild
Onder Ceylan
Onder Ceylan GDE in Web Technologies and working on building web and mobile apps in various development ecosystems since the late 90s Build journeys on the web like in the real world
Alba Silvente Fuentes
Alba Silvente Fuentes Blogger, Speaker & Ambassador at Storyblok & Nuxtjs. Frontend Consultant at Passionate People Using atomic design to structure your headlessCMS: Storyblok Demo
Samuel Snopko
Samuel Snopko Head of Developer Relations at Storyblok. What & why is future of CMSs headless.
Nader Dabit
Nader Dabit Senior Developer Advocate, AWS Turning the cloud inside out
Facundo Corradini
Facundo Corradini Independent frontend developer, speaker, and author from Mar del Plata, Argentina. Modern CSS solutions for classic CSS problems
Mariano Vazquez (Modo)
Mariano Vazquez (Modo) Director of Engineering at Modo. Problem solver and emerging tech enthusiast. Open APIs and building a successul Open API Ecosystem
Silvia Garcia Cacho
Silvia Garcia Cacho Full Stack Developer Technology and art: an explosive marriage
Rachael Thompson
Rachael Thompson Dev Advocate at BigCommerce, working to increase collaborative efforts between devs and BigCommerce. Alexa, where will ecommerce be in 2022?
Ramona Developer core at Shopware AG. Before that as an application developer, Staying confident in terms of code changes - An introduction to cypress
Nicolas Ngo Mai
Nicolas Ngo Mai Vice President of Software Engineering at Theodo. A framework for giving ownership back to engineers. (case study French Bank of Investment loan portal)
Loic Carbonne
Loic Carbonne VP Engineering at Theodo. Specialising in monitoring, evaluating and improving monitoring for Theodo clients. Monitor better, fix bugs faster
Maarten van Hoof
Maarten van Hoof Talks to people. Presses keys. Yells at the cloud. Builds Front Ends at ISAAC. A technical look at open APIs
Lucien Immink
Lucien Immink Software architect at ISAAC. Standardise your Automation
Francesco Bianchi
Francesco Bianchi Agile Coach in the Development Center of Excellence of Marsh & McLennan supporting the Agile transformation of 150+ tech teams. Succeed To Fail: in an Agile world failure can often be turned into success
Sven van Straalen
Sven van Straalen Architect who can’t be separated from code. Manages a great development community within Capgemini. How to transition an enterprise to a micro front-end architecture With azure cloud
Alabi Tantooluwa Heritage
Alabi Tantooluwa Heritage Informatics systems student at Vytautas Magnus University. Self-Taught Frontend Developer, Technical Writer and currently an Author at FreeCodeCamp Impostor syndrome in tech
Matias Araboloza
Matias Araboloza Frontend developer. Working as Head of Frontend at Valtech. Lighthouse and web performance
Ignacio Anaya
Ignacio Anaya Lead open source engineer at Checkly, Tech Trainer and Speaker Deployment in jamstack
Adrián Bolonio
Adrián Bolonio Engineering Team Lead, Frontend Dev, and Web Accessibility (a11y) advocate. Testing your a11y
Manuel Meija
Manuel Meija Tech Lead at Building Link. Manuel also blogs and creates tutorials. Co-Host of dev podcast LigaDelCodigo A closer look at pair programming
Elena Gali
Elena Gali Starred's Content and Social Media Marketer. She's the host of the video Series "The Tea on Recruiting" "The Tea on Recruiting" - our team's experience creating freshly-brewed content for TA professionals
Tiffany Jachja
Tiffany Jachja An engineer sharing applicable practices, stories, and content on DevOps and Cloud technologies An app sec survival Guide with CI/CD pipelines
Dwane Hemmings
Dwane Hemmings CODE: Vonage, JavaScript Developer Advocate and maker of random projects Building a web app with WebXR x Web Components and the Vonage Communications API
Juan Andrés Núñez
Juan Andrés Núñez Especialista en JavaScript y Vue.js. Enseño desarrollo Web moderno a través de Escuela Vue JAMSTACK: Full Stack Web development... without the pain (in Spanish)

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